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Healer at Home eBook Collection

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by Ryan Carnahan, RMT, DCH

The complete Healer At Home Collection (4 eBooks)



With the complete collection you get:

Healer at Home – Natural First Aid for Trauma & Injuries covers the most important natural remedies that everyone should have on hand for dealing with accidents including car accidents, falls, blows, cuts, shock, concussions, and other situations that require first aid. The remedies discussed can improve the speed and degree of recovery.
(12 Pages)

Healer at Home – Natural First Aid for Colds and Flus provides information on how to treat colds and flus using natural remedies such as homeopathics, herbs, and nutritional products. These remedies have proven useful in a clinical setting and are equally beneficial for you to use at home. Key factors for boosting your immune system are also outlined.
(15 Pages)

Healer at Home – Natural First Aid for Children’s Health outlines how to administer natural first aid solutions for acute childhood conditions such as fevers, colds, flus, and infectious childhood complaints as well as dealing with some types of acute emotional disturbances.
(13 Pages)

Healer at Home – Natural First Aid for Traveler’s Health addresses the most common complaints experienced by travelers including dehydration, diarrhea, food poisoning, jet lag, and more. The information in this eBook can be used at home as well.
(10 Pages)

From the Introduction:

Clinical practitioners often see a number of ailments that could have easily been treated or prevented by patients themselves. To meet this need, the Healer at Home – Natural First Aid eBook series was created.

Each eBook is designed to familiarize the lay person with some of the most important natural medicines and their specific uses that everyone can use at home.

Because there is a growing volume of information available on natural medicine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused and miss the most vital points. The Healer at Home series avoids this by offering simple, direct, and clinically verifiable information you can use for those crucial times when something really needs to be done.

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  1. Patrick Latarius

    In the HEALER AT HOME series of eBooks, Ryan Carnahan offers us clear and accessible natural healthcare suggestions. From Natural First Aid For Children to Natural First Aid For Travelers, Ryan’s four books provide functional options from nature’s pharmacy. Ryan has looked after my family for many years, and with our various issues we are all deeply grateful his skills, receptivity, and compassion. Keep Healer at Home in your medicine cabinet.

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