Cold and Flu Remedies


Many people are sick right now with viral infections. Keeping a strong immune system this time of year is key, but if something does take hold of you or a family member make sure you have something on hand to take immediately. I am always surprised when my patients tell me they got sick and I ask, “what did you take?” and they say “nothing”. There is a lot you can do at the early stage of an illness to speed up recovery, keep it from getting worse, and to reduce symptoms.

Antiviral herbs are your most important ally in these situations. Olive leaf is my overall favorite choice as it will help in most situations if dosed quickly and every 2 hours on the first day. Andrographis is stronger and can be helpful for Covid-19. (It’s approved in Thailand for treating Covid-19). Adding in immune supportive nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A can also benefit. Check out the Natural Medicine for Moms Course to learn how to build a full immune system protocol to fight off invading bugs for you and your family.