Integrated Natural Medicine

As building a house requires many tools—a hammer, nails, measuring tape, screw drivers, etc.—your body may also require more than one tool to get it on track to optimal health and wellness. My approach is based on over 30 years of practice offering you a truly holistic approach to your health care.

Although each treatment session usually involves an integration of methods, each method can also be used as a standalone treatment. Below is a brief description of the different approaches and how they benefit you. Click through for more detailed information on each therapy.

Homeopathic Medicine
Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. It utilizes medicines known as homeopathic remedies, or simply “remedies”, which are made mostly from the plant and mineral kingdoms. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal. High potency homeopathic remedies are often given once in a single dose to stimulate the healing response. The body then does the rest of the work.

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Herbal & Nutritional Medicine
Herbal medicine has a history of use in all cultures from across the globe. Herbal medicines can be used to promote healing and enhance the functioning of specific organ systems such as the immune system, digestive system and hormonal system. Herbal formulas are usually taken in capsules, teas or tincture (alcohol extract) form. Herbs have an excellent record of safety and considerations are taken if a person is on prescription medication. In addition to using herbs to promote health, targeted nutritional supplementation is often used to create a complete functional health protocol.

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Osteopathic Therapies—for Pain Relief and Whole Body Health
The body often holds specific physical tensions which require releasing in order to facilitate the healing process. This is especially true for cases of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction such as back pain. Osteopathic manipulation restores mobility to your body’s connective tissues. The techniques are gentle yet very effective for pain conditions and for promoting whole body health.

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Energy Medicine
Energy balancing techniques assist your body in clearing blocked chi (energy) to promote healing and overall wellbeing. Using muscle testing (energetic kinesiology), imbalances can be identified throughout the acupuncture meridian system. Corrections are made by holding specific points on the body, using tapping techniques, visualization, or breathing techniques.

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Bowen Therapy
The Bowen Technique is also an effective approach in correcting biomechanics and relieving pain. It may also benefit respiratory concerns, digestive complaints, and other disorders. Bowen is a gentle hands-on technique which releases tension from the body and balances energy.

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In cases of musculoskeletal dysfunction (back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc.) postural weaknesses may need to be addressed directly. Using the MBFD® system of postural realignment, a program of exercises is developed for your individual needs. These programs are excellent for relieving pain, developing strength and flexibility, and improving posture.

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