The Muscle Balance and Function Development (MBFD®) system of postural correction is a unique approach to correcting postural weakness and dysfunctions.

On the first visit an assessment is made of your body’s postural alignment and the position of each joint in relation to the force of gravity. A well balanced body has all of its joints vertically and horizontally aligned with the force of gravity.

Postural Alignment Hint!

After your assessment, a program of sequential exercises is formulated for your specific postural needs. Initial programs usually consist of about 7 or 8 exercises and take about 15 minutes to do. More advanced programs can take up to 30 minutes and may include the use of weights.

Each program is like a treatment. When you do the exercises, in the order prescribed, your musculoskeletal balance and function are immediately improved and the results are usually felt right away. Better posture means better function. Better function means less pain, ease of movement, and more energy.

Therapies provided by a practitioner to the body can be greatly beneficial, but are limited because the changes are coming from without, not from within. Changes from within often have an impact that no external method can reproduce. This is the essence of self care.