Osteopathic Therapies


For Pain Relief and Whole Body Health.

Fascia is a connective tissue in the body that spreads uninterrupted, throughout every structure. It is like a web that connects your bones, joints, and muscles to your organs, nerves, skin, and arteries. Every living tissue is surrounded and connected with this tissue.

Osteopathic techniques, such as Mechanical Link, specifically address tensions within the fascia. They involve gentle, manipulations that restore movement and flexibility to the structures of the body. Other techniques, such as Muscle Energy Technique, restore joint movement and alignment by actively engaging muscles from a precisely set position. Craniosacral therapy can help restore balance to the fluids in the body and restore movement of bones and other tissues.

Whole Body Health Tip!

Movement is essential for all of life and your body depends upon it. When a tissue gets contracted, whether it is in your ankle or thyroid gland, pain may occur and physiological function is reduced. Because the whole body is connected by this web of tissue, a tension or pain in your shoulder may actually be originating from a more dominant tension in your liver. You may not have pain in your liver, but it may be the source of your shoulder problem.

Most types of pain conditions and musculoskeletal problems can benefit from osteopathic therapies. They also can be used to enhance overall health.

(Please note: While Ryan has extensive training in osteopathic therapies such as Mechanical Link osteopathy, Ryan is not an osteopath by title.)


Pain Elimination – A Case Example

The case below shows an individual who was treated using osteopathic manipulation and postural exercise programs.

Strained low back during
manual labour. Constant
low back/pelvic pain with
pain in right leg and foot.
Right leg weakness.

L3-L4 right disc herniation.
Small L1-L2 disc herniation.


Osteopathic manipulation of right hip, spine and renal artery. MBFD® postural exercise program.

Elimination of pain and return of strength. Improved posture and muscle balance. Continuing to do well after 6 weeks.