These treatments have been life changing for me. Traditional medicine couldn’t assist any further with fatigue and stomach issues I was experiencing, Ryan was able to identify and treat my issues quickly in a natural pain free holistic way – I am still in disbelief I feel better! He has restored my optimism that these issues can be corrected if they arise again and I have the quality of life I’ve wanted for years…Ryan is incredibly skilled and able to solve issues in a way I would have never thought possible. This is a unique and unbelievably invaluable service – for health and wellbeing – I couldn’t recommend this higher! – Lauren Boyes, Google Review
It took me a few months to make the decision to call Ryan and make my first appointment with him, but after 2 ½ years of therapy for my tailbone, pelvis, knee and low back, I decided I needed something drastically new to happen. I had also had such excruciating pain in my right knee and increased nerve flair-ups in my legs and neck – it was time. In my first assessment with Ryan, he diagnosed a problem that was never mentioned before; something to do with my kidney. He did what he did and when I got off the table that day, I’d already forgotten about the knee pain. For the first time since my two accidents, I could solidly stand and balance on one leg at a time for as long as I’d want and my weight was totally centered over my arches instead of my heels. I’ve had 3 sessions with Ryan in 5 weeks. My pain went from varying degrees 24/7 to maybe a half dozen episodes since. I barely notice my knees anymore – they just work. It’s truly amazing. Ryan says he thinks I only need to see him maybe three more times or so and then I’ll be “done”. After 2 ½ years of weekly and multiple therapies, this is a dream I forgot to keep dreaming come true! – Andria Stutzer, Vancouver, B.C.

I’ve been seeing Ryan for a few years now. What brought me into his office was an extremely bad back caused by numerous car accidents. I had been under chiropractic treatment for about 20 years; and I was still seeing my chiro almost weekly when I finally decided to switch practitioners. My health difference between then and now is truly remarkable. I can walk distances again without having to stop and rest every 10 minutes, I can bend over and touch the floor again; but the best part is that I am back to the gym working out regularly twice/three times a week!! Emotionally it is all quite overwhelming.

I also suffered from a stomach condition for which I had been on medication for 5 years. Using Ryan’s homeopathic remedies, I was able to get off my prescription meds. My stomach is now stabilized and I can eat whatever I want, when I want!!

Ryan is a true healer. He has given me back my freedom. I highly recommend him to anyone! Karen MacAulay, Google Review

I have been a patient of Ryan since 2015. He has also treated my 3 children for different ailments. Ryan is very caring, kind and knowledgeable. He is able to find cures for many ailments that my family doctor cannot. I’m very happy to have found him and highly recommend him. – Silvana Bresciani, Google Review
Ryan is extremely knowledgeable, patient and caring. He listens intently to you relating your symptoms and assesses you through many non-traditional methodologies. I always leave his office feeling better than when I walked in. I encourage you to give him a try for all your ailments. – Ben Rajoo, Google Review
I met Ryan at one of the worst times in my life, I was having withdrawal symptoms from 3 medications I took myself off of (which Ryan said I should have done under my doctor’s supervision). I was about 2 weeks in and a huge mess emotionally as well as physically too. He worked that day with me and by the time I had left his office I was feeling differently, more stable and still able to continue on the detoxing. He was able to balance me out emotionally and physically.

I will always be grateful for Ryan. I would still be in his care if I had not moved from Vancouver. – Beverley Schembri

I have been Ryan’s patient for many years. My good health and well-being are a direct result of his advice and treatments. He is a knowledgeable and skilled healer. – Roberta Thomas, Google Review
Knowledgeable, efficient and effective. – Catherine Inkpen, Google Review
My right knee was swollen and considerably painful. My orthopedist suspected a torn meniscus and suggested surgery. After several sessions with Ryan the pain I had for years disappeared. – Frieda F., Vancouver, B.C.
Ryan is amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful with our complex needs. We are so grateful to have found him! – Talia Young, Google Review
I have been a seeing Ryan since 2006 for a variety of issues that include back pain, stomach pain, anxiety and recovery from car accidents. His sessions help me feel balanced physiologically and psychologically. The methods he uses are almost undetectable during session but have tremendous effects on the healing process related to the symptom of concern. Recently, I had stomach pain for 2 months and could hardly eat. The pain disappeared after one session with Ryan. Thank you – Krista, Vancouver, BC
I had suffered from whiplash, frozen shoulder and a dysfunctional hip. I worked with Ryan and noticed a remarkable change. I have experienced being pain-free. – Mrs. Patricia B., North Vancouver, B.C.
My name is Don Elliott and Ryan Carnahan has set me on the path to healing myself. I was in the emergency department of the hospital, paralyzed from the waist down after a fall. I could not feel anything. I have never been so scared in my life. The conventional doctors did not know what was wrong with me, after many tests including X-rays, an EMG and an MRI, so my wife called Ryan in to help. Over four visits in the hospital, Ryan performed muscle testing, energy balancing and gave me some homeopathic remedies. He asked me to find a goal for my body. It was difficult to imagine myself walking as I still had no feeling but Ryan encouraged me to focus on a goal. I decided my goal was to get up and walk out of the hospital. About two and a half hours after Ryan had left me from our third visit, I started to have some feeling in my toes. I was amazed! I could wiggle my toes and eventually I could move my legs. After eighteen days in the hospital, I walked out without any assistance. The conventional doctors’ still are not sure what happened but I know that Ryan was able to teach me to become healthy again. I am getting stronger everyday and I have a new goal: running and jumping! Thanks Ryan! – Don Elliot, Vancouver, B.C.
Ryan is a very intuitive and effective energy healer. I have been receiving treatments from Ryan for the past 10 years and have complete confidence in his abilities and would recommend him to anyone. – Sandy Wright, HMC – Windsor Ontario
I’ve had numerous sessions for a variety of issues and have had improvement in my health every time. One in particular was quite memorable. I was about to attend the most important event of my life but my nervous system was shot from the anxiety. I was shaky, on the edge and felt as though I was going to pass out. Within a couple hours after my session with Ryan I felt completely centered and balanced, and my evening was a complete success. Another issue he has successfully treated was a chronic problem with dizziness, vertigo and fatigue. What a welcome relief. I feel blessed to have Ryan as my practitioner and cannot say enough about his abilities. I strongly recommend him! – Linda Parsons, Vancouver, BC
I have been treated by Ryan Carnahan for 2 years and have not gone to the chiropractor in that time. Ryan’s treatment allows the back to heal and adjust itself. I went to Ryan because my chiropractor said I was losing mobility in my neck and shoulders and after three treatments, I have full mobility of my neck and he has taught me to ground my energy allowing my body to heal between treatments. I have had foot pain from a dropped arch and after the energy balancing my feet feel great and I can go hiking for an hour without pain. I haven’t been able to hike for the past year. I will continue to go for treatment once a month as a maintenance program as I feel so much better when I do. – Jane Rae, Vancouver, B.C.
It was recommended to me that I see Ryan for my lower back pain. I was amazed with the system that he has put together encompassing different techniques and modalities for treating people. With the exercises and energy work he has done, my back pain has all but disappeared. What has been more amazing has been his work with my daughter. We were leaving to Mexico and she was having continued problems with strep throat. Ryan managed to get us in the day before we were to leave. The homeopathic remedy that he gave her along with the energy work that he did completely took Hannah’s strep throat away. The improvement started to happen almost immediately and within 24 hours, she was happy and well. Thank you Ryan, your work with both homeopathics and energy has made a real difference to me and Hannah. – Michelle, Coquitlam, B.C.
Ryan is an amazingly skilled holistic practitioner. His ability to scan the body, and find blocked energy & emotions is very effective in the healing process. He brings gentle hands, a loving heart and a passionate commitment to teaching his clients how to use their own healing abilities. For me, it’s been an amazing and powerful healing experience! Thanks Ryan. – M.M., Port Moody, B.C.
I’ve been using Ryan’s services for about 6 years now. Prior to seeing him, I had injured my knee several times and had torn all my ligaments, plus had surgery for broken cartilage. Ryan helped me by using several techniques, among them Bowen Therapy, Osteopathic adjustment, and energy balancing. The main continuous work I do with him is with Muscle Balance and Function Development, for which he gives me a postural exercise program. This has helped me to build a strong core and body. My knee feels strong and stable, and he has given me the confidence to do my very physical job every day. I never thought I could do everything I can after my injuries, and no other programs but Ryan’s were able to achieve that. He is a true healer, and I continue to be so grateful for everything he’s done for me. – Micki A., North Vancouver, B.C.
Menopause has a couple of side effects that are uncomfortable to deal with namely, hot flashes and the sweats. The latter is profuse sweating day and night which is as embarrassing as it is uncomfortable. My doctor was looking at HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) as an option but I decided to call Ryan. Ryan had been recommended to me by a friend and I would certainly return the favor to anyone else I meet. Ryan looks at the whole body and mind to bring balance. I was amazed at the huge improvement in short period of time. The sweating went away and the intensity and frequency of the hot flashes have diminished to a point of not interfering with my life and I can celebrate “hot flash free” days which I did not think possible. My husband is thankful too; he does not have to sleep with the window open in the middle of winter. – Mrs M. Edge, Vancouver, B.C.
I recently had what I thought was a bad cough and I was told that it was pneumonia. Antibiotics were an option but in the past have made me feel even worse. I contacted Ryan and we did a phone consultation regarding my symptoms, the coughing, chest pain, fever etc. While Ryan and I were talking it was like I was right in his office. He came back with a homeopathic remedy which he prescribed at different intervals and within 24 hours I was feeling much better, all the symptoms had almost disappeared and within a few days my pneumonia was gone! – Santana Brauer, North Vancouver, BC
I feel so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing and unique healing resource in Ryan Carnahan. He made a huge difference in several personal and family emergency situations, and has also profoundly intervened on more chronic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. When my mother was taken to the hospital with severely irregular heart palpitations I called Ryan and he treated her. Luckily she had a long wait to see the doctor and by the time she did, her heart had calmed down, and they didn’t have to use an electric defibrillator on her and just sent her home. Ryan has an incredible ability to truly listen to you, to help clarify exactly what is going on and what you need. He not only gives you what you need, on so many levels, but also gives you tools for you to be able to consciously and powerfully move forward in whatever is blocking you. This is what healing can be, and it is truly a gift to have him in my life. – Alisha Reilly-Roe, Revelstoke, B.C.
Asperger syndrome (AS) is an autism spectrum disorder. My son was diagnosed with AS about 2 years ago. My wife and I did not want to label him as such and try to get the government funding to help him out. We went to see Ryan late last year. Ryan worked with my son and after 2 sessions he is well on his way to becoming a cheerful, self-motivated and social individual. We are eternally grateful to Ryan for his work on my son. – Logan Masilamani, Coquitlam, B.C.
On the 3rd homeopathic visit…..I was amazed at the effectiveness of this technique and the homeopathic remedy that was chosen, which solved a problem that I never expected to be fixed. – David Parker, North Vancouver, B.C.
I had years of terrible neck and upper back pain from playing the guitar for 25 years. Various physical therapies had been helpful but not as much as the exercise program Ryan recommended. It has re-engineered my posture.  – Howard A., North Vancouver, B.C.
Ryan Carnahan is an extraordinarily gifted practitioner. I am extremely grateful for Ryan’s healing abilities. The immediate effectiveness of his treatment may well have saved my job. – Mary Johnston, Vancouver, B.C.