Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Energy needs to flow freely through our body, just like blood flows through our arteries and veins. When energy gets blocked, our body’s healing response can be impeded.

In the acupuncture system, there are meridians (channels) of energy that flow through the body. Each meridian is associated with both a particular organ and its function. For example, the liver meridian—which runs up the front of the body from the feet—is associated with the liver organ as well as a broad range of functioning such as digestion, emotions, muscles and joints, and menstruation. Any structure that passes through the liver meridian, such as your knee or hip, may be affected by a blockage in it, and can potentially cause further blockages in other meridians. Each energy system is interrelated and when free-flowing, enhances the health and vitality of the entire body.

Energy Medicine Hint!

Energy grounding is another system of energy flow that supports optimum health and wellness.

It is the mechanism that integrates the energy in your body, much like the process of ingesting and digesting food. Energy (food) enters the body, is then processed (digested) and flows through (eliminated). When your energy flows uninterrupted through your body, you are grounded.

When you are sick, in pain or under stress, you are usually stuck in the processing stage (digestion), hence energy does not flow through and you become ungrounded. This is like undigested food sitting in your stomach for days, weeks, or years. Your ability to process this stagnant energy is essential for you to heal and move forward in your life.

Energy medicine techniques balance your energy and remove blockages. Emotions, food sensitivities, structural imbalances, bacteria, viruses, and environmental issues can all cause energy blockages. Muscle testing is used to assess imbalances and then corrective techniques are implemented to free blockages.

Since your energy is the blueprint for the body, any physical condition may potentially improve when your energy is balanced. In some cases, a condition will not improve at all until the energetic component is directly addressed.

Energy balancing is a gentle, hands-on process that facilitates optimal health and wellbeing. People usually find these sessions deeply relaxing.