Fall Season Health Tips

According to Chinese medicine, the fall is a time to prepare for winter—to let go of excesses but also to foster optimism and tuck it away along with the harvest. As you say goodbye to the warm weather, you might feel a bit melancholic. A good way to transition easily is to conserve your energy—go to bed earlier and get up earlier. It’s also a time to quiet your mind and stabilize your emotions.

The fall is considered the dry season. And since the lungs are associated with the fall, the dryness makes them wither like a leaf. Pears are a perfect addition to your diet as they help moisten the lungs as well as the skin. Keeping your lungs and their chi healthy helps prepare your body for the coming cold/cough/flu season. Eat cooked or raw and enjoy them as they are one of the last seasonal fruits available.

As winter sets in, remember to keep only that which you wish to store with you into the winter and let go of the rest. And most importantly breathe—slowly and clearly.