What happens during a visit?

We first begin by exploring your concerns in as much depth as necessary by filling in your history, where it is you want to go with your health, and what your goals are. Your intentions are an important part of the healing process.

Then we may either continue with a discussion of your symptoms, gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of your condition to prescribe a homeopathic medicine to help resolve your problem, or in other cases, we may do work on a massage table where I assess and treat your physical and energetic systems for imbalances and blockages. To assess, I often use your arm to muscle test and check specific body systems. Typically, I work with people clothed unless there are structural imbalances that need addressing. In that case shorts are provided.

As imbalances are found, structural corrections and energy balancing techniques are used to restore balance to your body/mind system. All the work is generally very gentle and some quite subtle. As the body processes the corrections most people relax deeply. If a homeopathic remedy or herbal medicine is indicated for you I will usually provide it for you during the session. Dietary recommendations to support your healing process may also be made.

After a treatment session, I usually recommend drinking water, taking a light walk, and getting fresh air. Homework or recommendations may be given for your own self care.