Food Stressing You Out?


Did you know food reactions can trigger an adrenaline response?

When we react to foods we eat, an adrenaline response or stress response can be triggered and inflammatory chemicals can be produced. This isn’t considered a true allergic reaction, but more of a low grade sensitivity reaction. Food reactions can affect digestion, mood, pain, immunity, skin problems, brain function and seemingly unrelated concerns.

Some of the main foods and food compounds that I routinely test my patients for are alpha-solanine (nightshades), methylxanthines (caffeine family), gliadin (gluten), casein and lactose (dairy), soy, corn and others. Avoiding foods you are sensitive to can be a game changer for some people.

A simple do-it-yourself approach to feeling better can be to eliminate the previous mentioned foods 100% plus all sugars and citrus foods for at least 3 weeks and then bring them back in one at a time and note how you feel.