Gut Balance


I’ve been busy this past year learning the latest innovations in applied kinesiology testing for dysbiosis (imbalances of microbes in the gut) which is at the root of a lot of health issues. I’ve found this to be very beneficial in helping many people with challenging health conditions. Our gut is at the root of many common health problems. Imbalances of fungus, bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. in our gut can lead to histamine problems, immune system problems, nutrient imbalances, and an overload on the liver—our body’s oil filter.

Stress is also another strong component. I’ve written about adrenaline dominance before and how it dysregulates almost everything in our body—immunity, digestion, sleep regulation and blood sugar balance. Balancing adrenaline is a key part in many of my patient’s treatment protocols. Using specific herbs and nutrients is helpful, along with adjusting the diet. And yes, caffeine is a big stressor along with staying up until 2am. Energy medicine techniques are also helpful for those needing a whole body/mind “reset”.

Here’s a couple simple things you can do to help unload the stress on your microbiome (gut microbial balance) and reset your system:

TAKE OUT: Wean off caffeine and take a break from it for at least 6 weeks. Most people are so deeply addicted to it, they are completely unaware of how it’s affecting their body. Caffeine not only stresses our adrenal glands and liver but negatively affects our sleep. If you have a cup of coffee at 8am, 25% of that caffeine is still in your body by midnight when you should be asleep.
For some people it can take 2 – 3 weeks for their energy to return and brain fog to clear. Some will get bad headaches for the first few days and may need ibuprofen. But surprisingly, staying off caffeine for that length of time will often eliminate the desire for it, and most people end up feeling better without it.
Cutting out other foods in the caffeine family are also key—chocolate being the main one. Others include green tea, pop, yerba mate, and acai.

ADD IN: 1 – 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds mixed in water. Flax seeds are high in fiber and omega 3 fats which have anti-inflammatory properties. Most people are low in omega 3 fats and could use a boost. Fiber helps feed the healthy bacteria in our gut contributing to a healthy microbiome. Most of us don’t get enough fiber.