Spring Detox


As we crawl out of hibernation from the winter and greet the longer brighter days of spring our bodies adjust their circadian rhythms and acclimatize to the changing environment. Spring is the perfect time of year to do a dietary cleanse which can help shake off the accumulated excesses from the previous season.

In my book, Body, I outline 3 different detoxification methods that you can use to optimize your body’s ability to metabolize and excrete toxins. One of them is “The 3 Day Cleanse”—a simple and gentle way of not only shedding a couple of pounds but promoting the release of toxins.

This cleanse can not only help your body process environmental toxins—those we are exposed to in our food, air, water and environment—but also those your body produces naturally as a by-product of metabolism and by the bacteria and yeast in your gut. These toxins not only tax your physiology but may also get stored in the body long term.

Doing a properly formulated dietary cleanse, sweat therapy or even exercise along with nutritional support can enhance your body’s ability to clean itself out. This can not only increase energy and clarity of mind but can also reduce the burden of health robbing compounds that your body holds.

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