Summer Health Tips

Everyone always feels better in the summer. I find it fascinating that when people come to see me in July and August they always embody a greater sense of lightness than during the rest of the year. Cold contracts our bodies and our energies while warmth and sun relaxes and opens us. I think people feel better in the summer for a number of reasons—the physical benefits of more sunlight including a boost in vitamin D, more time spent outside in the fresh air, more physical movement, and being in nature with either camping, hiking, or “hitting the beach.” In some ways it’s kind of like being on a holiday for a couple of months—at least here in the Northern hemisphere.

The cycles of nature are a constant change of growth and expansion followed by coalescence and letting go only to move towards growth and expansion again. Adapting to these cycles of change in our lives is the essence of what it means to “go with the flow.” Don’t hold on when it’s time to let go and be willing to move or act when it’s time to do so. All things change. “Be like the willow tree grasshopper—flexible yet strong.” Adapt.

As you move through summer check in and see if there are any areas that you want to open up more, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Take this opportunity to expand and explore and enjoy it!


Summer brings more opportunities for outdoor fun but also the chance of getting a few falls, bites or scratches. Be sure to keep these 3 homeopathic remedies on hand this summer.

This is the number one homeopathic remedy that everyone should have in their home and/or car at all times. It is the premier remedy for the first stages of most types of trauma and injury. Whether it is a rolled ankle from hiking or playing beach volleyball, or a bruised hip from falling off your bike or roller blades, arnica will bring relief. It speeds the healing process of any injuries that are characterized by bruising, soreness, or bleeding as well as helping clear the effects of shock. It is most indicated for the first few days after an injury. The later stages of injury are better addressed with other homeopathic remedies that can help finish the job.

Ledum is the main homeopathic remedy to use for all kinds of bites and stings as well as any kind of puncture wound. This may be a dog or cat bite, insect bite, or piercing by a needle or nail. Ledum helps the body heal the puncture wound and prevent infection.

Apis is also an important remedy for insect bites, especially bee stings. Use Apis where there is swelling, burning and redness with the sting.

How to take Homeopathic Arnica, Ledum, and Apis

Decide which homeopathic remedy is required.

Take 3 pellets of the 30c potency every ½ hour to 2 hours for 1 – 3 doses (depending on intensity of situation), and then every 4 – 6 hours for 1 – 2 doses more if needed. In minor cases, one or two doses should suffice. (Homeopathic remedies should be allowed to dissolve under your tongue and taken at least 10 minutes away from food or drink other than water.)