The Benefits of Peppermint

This common herb can be found in most people’s cupboards as an herbal tea.

Peppermint is a fantastic herb for digestive complaints, especially for cramping, pain, bloating, gas, or nausea. It can also be used for colds and flus where there are signs of heat such as fever and sore throat. It can also benefit rashes and spasmodic coughs.

Peppermint opens the skin’s pores allowing it to perspire more easily and vent trapped heat. It can also benefit headaches. Either drink it as a tea, or for headaches, use as a poultice by placing one or two tea bags on the forehead that have been soaked in cool water.

It also helps to lift low moods and promotes mental clarity.
Peppermint may aggravate heartburn in some people and is not advised if strong chills are present.

Use 1 – 3 tea bags per infusion. When steeping peppermint (or other aromatic herbs), be sure to cover it so that the volatile oils in the herb do not evaporate.