The Tabata 4 min. Workout

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Last fall I told you about Zach Bush’s 4 min. work out. This easy routine can be done anywhere at any time. Another potent 4 min. workout for those who have a basic level of fitness is called “The Tabata Set” named after Izumi Tabata—the  researcher who developed the protocol. While short in duration, it is very demanding aerobically and anaerobically and has shown to provide the same benefits as lower intensity longer duration workouts.

Sample Tabata Set:
20 seconds of push ups
10 second rest
20 seconds of air squats (body weight squats)
10 second rest
Repeat this routine 4 times straight through.

The key is that you are exerting maximally for the whole routine. Other exercises you can also try are lunges instead of squats, sprints, elliptical, biking, kettlebell swings, burpees.

Tabata sets can be done 1 – 4 x per week and are a great tool for maximizing benefit in the least amount of time—or what is called The Minimal Effective Dose.