Spring Renewal

If you have read BODY, now is the perfect time of year to do The 3 Day Cleanse.

In traditional Chinese medicine spring is associated with the liver. The liver is your main organ of detoxification and spring time is generally seen as the best time of year to focus on letting go and discarding the excesses that have accumulated throughout the winter.

As soon as the dandelions begin to pop up, it is a sure sign that winter is over and spring cleaning can officially start. Dandelion roots and leaves have a positive effect on the liver, enhancing its detoxification abilities and increasing bile secretion. You can even harvest your own from a clean environment—just make sure you know how to tell the difference between true dandelion and other plants that look similar.

Other ways you can help your liver are to increase your intake of green leafy vegetables and decrease your consumption of sugar, coffee, and alcohol. Breathe deeply and express your emotions.

Journaling is a fantastic way to express thoughts and emotions that may be lingering unconsciously in the back of your mind. Just pick up a pen and start writing, no holds barred.

And finally, get outside more and into the sun. Most of us who live in the northern hemisphere become Vitamin D deficient in the winter and need to replenish our stores through ample sun exposure, especially if not supplementing vitamin D in the winter.

Spring is also a great time to birth new ideas—hence this post!