Jun 2014

Eating with the Seasons

Different elements are at work during different times of the year. In the summer, the sun shines more consistently and temperatures rise. Consequently, most of us tend to spend more time outdoors, absorbing more vitamin D, and being more active. In traditional Chinese medicine, summer would be considered a “yang” time of year—hot and expansive. Consequently, it is in your highest interest to adapt to…

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May 2014

Qi Tonics

Qi or “chi” is a principle of traditional Chinese medicine. Qi is the vital life energy that supports and enlivens the body/mind system, flowing throughout the body like water through a river, and running through every major organ in the body. Each organ has its own qi that it is responsible for, and a deficiency or stagnation of its qi can result in health problems…

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Mar 2014

Chamomile for Pain

Chamomile is much more than just an herbal tea found in your local coffee shop. It is actually a treasured herb—capable of relieving pain, soothing infants, improving digestion, and calming the mind. The difference between enjoying chamomile as a casual beverage and using it medicinally is in the dosage. In order to get a therapeutic dose of chamomile, try infusing 2, 3, or even 4…

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Feb 2014

How to Wake Up Without Coffee

Do you wake up in the morning tired? Do you need “your morning fix” (coffee) to kick start your engine before feeling awake and alert? Do you feel stiff or sluggish when you get out of bed? If so, then try this simple hydrotherapy tool to revitalize your mornings, get the “glue” out of your system, and launch your day—coffee free. Here’s the method: During…

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Jan 2014

Getting Ready for the Cold & Flu Season

The Keys of Prevention Every year beginning in the fall, many people come down with some sort of viral infection—either a cold or a flu. Being sick is not only uncomfortable, it can be costly if you have to take time away from work or family duties. In my practice I often work with people to facilitate the healing of these conditions using herbal, homeopathic…

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